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This is just a general question concerning the Unregistered/Unconfirmed user group. It's not an issue, it's actually more of general wondering if anything.

Anyway, I have aMember that handles registration and all members are assigned the user group "Registered", regardless of whether they go on to pay for access. So, as long as they enter their details and go the payment page, they are "Registered", but they don't actually gain access until they pay.

With this being the case, I wondered if I actually needed the Unregistered/Unconfirmed user group because, as far as I know, it's not used.

I did ask aMember, but they said it was better to ask Xenforo incase it is actually use behind the scenes somewhere?

Like I say, it's not causing an issue or anything. I just thought, if it's not being used, then I could just delete it, but obviously I don't want to delete it without being sure that I can.

Or, maybe, if not deleting it, just use it create another user group?

Anyone know anything about this?

Thank you



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Unregistered/Unconfirmed is the permissions settings that apply to guests (unregistered) as well as unconfirmed (registered but not confirmed registration by email in the standard way). So yes, you definitely need this group.


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@Martok, @Brogan Thanks for your fast replies

Yeah, I thought it would still be needed, but I still don't understand how those permissions are applied because as far as I can tell from looking at my product and integration set up, aMember doesn't appear to give them. And when product subscriptions have expired, users are returned to "Registered" as default...
Screen Shot 2015-03-13 at 18.05.39.jpg

and as long as they don't have an active subscription via aMember, they can't gain access, guest or otherwise. So really, this default might as well say "Admin", because far as i can tell, it won't make a difference

Do you get what I mean? Or I am just confusing things in my head? To me, it seems like aMember applies it's own permissions for "unregistered/unconfirmed".

I won't delete the group anyway just to be safe, it just raised a question in my head and made me wonder


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aMember is a law unto itself and doesn't follow the XenForo way of doing things.

As I understand it you can only have a single primary user group with aMember.

Unfortunately we can't help when it comes to anything to do with aMember as we have no access to the code and have no idea how it integrates with XenForo.


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Yeah, I like what aMember can do and the features it has, but I guess any integrations can have there problems, especially when there seems to be a lack of communication between the 2 parties involved, it's a shame they don't involve you guys more so the integration can be seamless and more easily understood. Plus, the community here is bigger, more responsive and helpful.


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It's weird that they don't accept the help, if it was me and I setting up an integration and I got offered to partner with the team who's software I'm trying to integrate with, I'd say "Yes, please, let's make this the smoothest integration possible". It would benefit everyone, staff and customers, which would help with sales and customer support.

Shame they're such stubborn *******s lol