XF 2.0 Unread Forums Problem with Guest Visitors

A month ago I finally made the jump from vB4.2.5 to XenForo 2.0.10 and have been generally pleased, even if pages do take a little longer to spring up on the first load (probably due to that mass of javascript). But one bug has been annoying me.

Even since the import I've noticed that guest visitors see some forums as permanently 'unread' (bold), which is despite the fact that none of the related threads are unread in those same forums. Likewise viewing each forum doesn't remove the 'unread' status and so you end up with some forums being marked unread in bold and others being read, which is an inconsistent experience and illogical for the end-users.

How can I fix this so that guest visitors see all the forums as 'read' or for the correct status to display.


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There is no read tracking for guests. Any forum that has "recent" content will be considered as unread to a guest. What is recent is anything newer than the "Read marking data lifetime"
Yep but that still doesn't solve the problem created by the vBulletin importer. Guests are still seeing these forums as 'unread' no matter what they do and I've not found a way to get rid of it.


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I checked your site and the only forums showing as unread to guests are the ones which have recently been posted in, which is correct as Mike explained above.
Yes but this creates an inconsistent experience between guests. If different guests can't be recognised then I'd rather make all forums as 'read' for them. At least it should ideally exist as an option.


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I would like to change the appearance of recent content links as they are shown to guests in the category and forum lists. Right now recent content links are shown to guests as unread (to be precise, as recent), I would like them to have the appearance of regular (read/non-recent) links. Can someone point me to the relevant template strings that need to be edited to accomplish this?


I'm experiencing the same issue. Migrated from SMF to XenForo 2.1.7 and half of the topics on my main forum show as bold (new) and the others non-bolded (read?) to guests. My old SMF forum shows everything as new to guests because everything is new to them.