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Fixed Unnecessary () in description phrase


Well-known member
The phrase describing the Value Display HTML for custom user fields, the phrase is:
If not empty, this allows you to format the value of this field using HTML, allowing you to do things like link or mark up the output. You may use these placeholders: {$value} - the field's display value; {$valueUrl} - the field's display value for use in a URL, {$choice} - the underlying value of the chosen option, and {$fieldId} - the ID of this field ().
That () seems unnecessary.


XenForo Developer
Staff member
The parentheses there should contain the ID of the field in question - as shown here.

Screen Shot 2013-07-08 at 10.29.28.png


XenForo Developer
Staff member
The value will be empty if you're creating a new field... but I'm not sure that's such a big issue... maybe a spot of JS to insert the value would be good, I'll look into that.