Fixed "Unlock_thread" phrase missing!!

Affected version
XF 2.0 Beta 7

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In inlinemode:

The phrases are properly used for lock & unlock threads:

Phrase "lock_threads" value Lock threads
Phrase "unlock_threads" value Unlock threads

As you can see here:

But in the More options menu in a thread, the "unlock_thread" phrase is messing and you use instead this phrase "open_thread" with avalue of "Open"

As you can see here:
Open_thread.png Lock_Thread.png

The "open_thread" phrase where its value "Open" the proper place where it is used now. When new thread is inserted!


Hope you ad a new phrase unlock_thread" with a value of "Open thread" where it will be the right phrase to use in the more options menu of a thread.

Thank you :)


XenForo developer
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I should note that the change involves using open_thread to mean "open thread" just like close_thread... though I'm considering more changes.