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Lack of interest Unlink Prefixes on the Recent Activity Page


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As title.

I originally reported this as a bug here, but Mike said it was as designed. However, I think it looks a bit odd and it's also a bit inconsistent since it's not part of the link in other areas prefixes are used, such as the discussion list and New Posts page.


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Are you talking about Latest Alerts? It doesn't bother me personally that they're linked there, but I have to say the way they're worded as part of the title is a bit awkward: "So-and-so created a thread called "Prefix_Thread Title." On second thought, maybe we're talking about the exact same thing, I just don't care that the button is clickable.

Edit: There might be a better solution, but maybe just take out the word "called"? Then maybe it wouldn't bother us nitpickers so much. ;)
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