Unknown Database: Configuration Builder

I'm trying to get the software installed on my localhost (I'm using wamp) . But it just keeps coming back with unknown database. I've tried several databases that I know exist, I've also tried using instead of localhost.

I know the login details that I'm using are correct because as soon as I change the password it comes back saying permission denied.

Can't see what would be causing this.


EDIT: Is this an issue with using WAMP?
Don't really want to go installing a different environment on this PC. I'll do some debugging tomorrow with it and double check that it's not something I'm doing (i.e. I'll test the mysql connecting within the same directory just to double check). I'll probably just do it remotely until I can get a local version working under WAMP.

EDIT: Ignore this issue. Was being silly. Had the other WAMP issue that's been mentioned but changing the Statement.php file mentioned in the other thread provided the fix.