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UNIXy.net Review - Bad Support - Stay Away

I'm really not one to bash someones company but I feel that this is bull-CRAP.

History: we've been with UNIXy for 9 months. Upon signing up with them we were sold that since this is a managed server that they will pretty much do whatever we need a normal system admin to do. This is when they had a live chat which doesn't seem to be there now.

I have made a request to upgrade ElasticSearch. They had a question - I answered it. They closed the ticket. Hmm, they never updated elastic search.

In another instance I told them that I wanted to move to a different server with cpanel. They replied:

Unfortunately there's no migration path from Virtualmin to cPanel. We provide migration services from cPanel to Virtualmin (one way) at no cost to our clients during the first month of service. Here's some more information on the migration service:

I told them that I am going to move to another hosting company. Note - we pay 190 a month - we have maybe 5 websites on the server. They sold me on the fact that they will: "pretty much do whatever we need a normal system admin to do" - it's a managed server.

Note - the server hasn't been done. There hasn't been any downtime but if you look at their Facebook
Alex Howard
Is anyone on support tonight ? I'm not getting a response in the usual amount of time and I have a server down.
Can you call them?

http://www.unixy.net/contact-unixy/ - NOPE.

Sales: sales@unixy.net
Pre-sales: 1-800-313-8649 (by appointment only)
Billing: billing@unixy.net
Abuse: abuse@unixy.net
Contact Form: https://www.unixy.net/secure/contact.php
Support: http://www.unixy.net/secure
So what if your server just froze - and you're locked out of shell? You're not getting a response from your host?

My advise: Look else ware. They oversell promises, and under deliver.