Universal login with existing custom website?

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I was just wondering if I already have users signed up to a custom website written in php/mysql, is there an easy way to add a universal login so they can use the same username and password on the forum? This is one of the things I hate about my vbulletin forum I currently have, and if Xenforo can do this then I will switch immediately.

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Lots of people want this. There are no easy solutions thus far.
Wordpress users (some 50 million) could benefit from something like this ... enabling them to "add" a xenforo forum to their site.

Sounds like this might be some help ..
note: xenforo is not "CASified".

Most bridges so far use Xenforo as the MASTER and the other software as the SLAVE.
ie. Xenforo - Mediawiki bridge
ie. Xenforo - Wordpress bridge.


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Yet another thread with the same issue. Everyone is asking for this type of mod yet no developers are interested. It's simple. Users login to Wordpress then are automatically logged into Xenforo.


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Yet another thread with the same issue.
Do you really need to continually post on every single one of them in the space of a few hours?

Instead of just bringing up old threads, why don't you co-ordinate your efforts with everyone who is looking for similar functionality, come up with an amount you're all willing to pay a developer and then post an add-on request?

Better yet, as it's a bridge from WP you want, why not ask a WP developer?


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I have been approached to do such things and would if I had time. However due to not many developers working with XenForo since it is so new I am getting a lot of job requests and just don't have the time to full fill them. To the point I have been trying to find another developer to work with but none of them have time either. After my website is done (not to mention all my mods to their next version) I should be able to do a fair few of the requests I get including bridges/authentication systems.


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From what I'm seeing, now is a good time to be a XF dev since they all have so much work they can't take anymore. I've got two more shout outs to hear responses from and then I'll be forced to give up and go to vb because I can't wait forever.

as per the thread topic, I know what I need it pretty niche, but having SSO type bridges for the big platforms out there (WP, etc) seems like a no brainer, must have, for future growth...


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Oh I never said it was a bad thing. Just saying that there is a reason requests go unanswered. Also a lot of the requests people think have been unanswered have been privately.