Integrating Xenforo with existing website login/membership

Hi all,

We're considering Xenforo as a forum solution for our website. I've seen some posts touching on this, but am still not clear on whether or not Xenforo can easily be integrated with our existing login/membership process and wanted to find out.

Some more details:

Our site is a classifieds site and requires membership to post a listing. We will be adding a forum and would like two things to happen:

1 - Existing members who are logged into our site will automatically be logged into the forum when they arrive there.
2 - For new users who enter the site for the first time through the forum - We'd like them to have to create an account/login for the main part of our site before being able to post. This login would then work for the entire site (main section and forums). Also, if it matters, our main registration forum has a lot of fields, related to the specifics of their classified ads.

Is all of this possible?

I'm not on the technical side of our site, so forgive me if more info is needed on the site to answer my questions. If that's the case, just let me know and I'll get the info.

Thank you!
We don't have a forum right now. The forum will be a new addition to the site. We currently require membership sign ups to create a profile, which serves as a classified ad. (It's a musicians looking for musicians site.)


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What does your existing site use for login and membership?

Whatever it is, if you want to keep that, it will need integrating with the XenForo database, so custom development would be required.