XF 2.1 Unfurling URLs, Emoji enhancements and video uploads

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New emoji/smilie picker

Emojis are everywhere and each year the already vast selection of them increases more and more, but smilies still have their place, right?
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An emoji can't replace this classic.
But, at the same time, it's important that we make both smilies and emojis as accessible as possible. So why not keep them together?
We've replaced our existing smilie tray with an all new combined smilie/emoji pop up. Not only does it contain smilies categorised as it did before, but it also includes all of the emojis categorised too. Even better, it's fully searchable!

Finally, we also have a category named "Recently used" which lists the emojis you used most recently.
I don't want this smile feature display in popup style, I want it display like the old style from XF 1.x, is there any option or anyway to do that in XF 2.1 ?
Because if member want to choose a different smile, they have to click every time to choose it, and if so, the popup appear everytime, it's very annoying, it should display a block and stay still so member can choose it with one click, like XF 1


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Here's the addon:



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If you're referring specifically to Backblaze, there is a Flysystem handler for it -- https://github.com/mhetreramesh/flysystem-backblaze so realistically it's just a matter of loading in this library and setting it up in your config.php. Will have to manually move existing attachments over
Hello Jake B.
Can you help Backblaze configuration?