Unexpectedly Setting a new XenForo Record


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While validating some code, I accidentally called a wrong function within a loop, and the result is what I believe is a XenForo record, and it is with great honor that I am the one to hold it. :cool:


hint: look at the queries.


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The time actually is impressive.....

BTW what mod are you working on Lawrence? or were u just fooling around with stuff?
Actually, the time is twice what I am used to, so it's pretty high for me. For the test, I expected 60 additional queries (12 for each time through the loop).

The add-on is to allow Admins to control banner ads. It normally averages just two additional queries, which is pretty good considering there are 5 Ad spots which can contain a different banner each.

Ryan Ashbrook

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I managed to get almost 500 per page load in threads on vB2 once. That was funny. :p

Not gonna lie either, for 165 queries the timing is kind of impressive.


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How would a small php loop be any different in either ?
Because what happens in between the loops is what matters :p. This loop is one that went awry and crazy yet still managed to achieve a very decent speed/time/query ratio.

The vBulletin 4 loop is supposed to be optimized and production quality, but speed/time/query ratio is still enormous.