Duplicate Unexpected future timestamps for content, last seen (browser cache)


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Whenever XenForo pages with timestamps are loaded from the browser cache, this can lead to unexpected timestamps suggesting that the content or actions you're viewing have not happened yet. I've experienced this at one point or another in places where they'd least be expected, such as:
  • Member profile and tooltip 'Last seen' timestamp
  • Conversations dropdown last message timestamp
  • Thread and post timestamps

Unless XenForo has a side interest in time travel technology ;), it'd be awesome to reduce the chances of this happening one way or another.

As a kind of workaround, could there be scope for adding some kind of extra data attribute in the <xf:date> element, which if set the DynamicDate javascript wouldn't even consider using the 'In x minutes', 'Later today at x' and 'Tomorrow at x' future phrases?
We believe that part of this has been resolved in this report:

It may be related partly to guest page caching though, certainly, it could also be related to the browser caching itself. We already have workarounds for this kind of thing so I do not believe there is anything more we can do.

If this is still happening with XF 2.1.5 then we'll need specifics - OS, browser, version etc.
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