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unable to use mms:// URL

Ryan Kent

Well-known member
I want to offer the following URL as a hyperlink in a post:


I tried using
[url=mms://stream.thisisgame.com/ncsoftext/this//1UPLOAD_HERE/press/BnS_CBT1closing.wmv] watch video [/url]
The issue is the http:// tag is added as a prefix which makes it not work. Also, when using the Insert/Edit link button the http:// is also added. If I copy the link and paste it into a browser, it works. How can I offer it as a link?

Jake Bunce

XenForo moderator
Staff member
There is no configurable option to change that behavior. You can do it with a code modification:


Find this code:

		if (preg_match('#^(https?|ftp)://#i', $url))
			return $url;
Change to this:

		if (preg_match('#^(https?|ftp|mms)://#i', $url))
			return $url;
Ideally you will want to make this into an addon rather than modify the files directly.

Or you can probably do it with HTML:



Well-known member
They'd be better off making an ACP option of the valid prefixes for URLs (this way people can use http|https|ftp|skype|mms|etc).


I had same issues with irc urls. Read the last post in here
Looks like as if the methode from Jake is not working anymore?