Cannot reproduce Unable to edit style property "navTabs" when custom variable is present in extra css field


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I'm customizing a child skin of style-framework skin that I already have built. This framework skin has some custom style property.

The "navTabs" style property menu (within the child skin) is pulling a value from this custom variable within the "extra" css field. It appears in the "extra" css field as follows:


It successfully pulls the background color. However, when trying to edit any other css property within "navTabs" (e.g. font-size). The @someVariable.background no longer shows up. Upon resetting the "navTabs" style property menu, everything is fine. Other css loaded into the "extra" css shows up successfully.

I'm thinking that this issue may be related to the recent 1.2.2 upgrade. Any help would be appreciated.



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I'm not sure I totally follow, or I at least can't seem to reproduce it. Can you provide a simplified test case? (Preferably starting from creating the necessary style property and child style, if required.) Screenshots may help clarify what/where you're referring to exactly as there are a number of routes into this code.