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Not too much to update with of late, but a few little tweaks for you.. 🙂

The Wiki index has had another change.. Whilst I liked the timeline idea I felt there was a lot of whitespace, and I didn't like the pre-built horizontal options that I'd looked at.. An idea I've had for a while is to utilise the Slider from Advanced BB Codes Pack (@Xon) and effectively build my own..
1624002668891.png 1624002708556.png

The logo now also changes slightly when the Wiki section is being browsed..

The registration notice has been replaced by [OzzModz] Nag Guests To Register (@Ozzy47) - though I'm not 100% sold that it's in the right location yet, so I may have a bit more of a play when I have 5 minutes..

User profiles have been tweaked using [PN] VK Profile and [PN] FFW (@prisnilos), with a couple of other custom bits and addons that were already being used. I'm pretty happy with the end result.