UK Politicians Have Voted That Animals Can't Feel Pain

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As part of the EU bill, Tories in the UK have said animals cannot feel pain.
The Tories claimed that animals do not have feelings or emotions, which also included the ability for them to feel pain. MPs have voted against transferring into law in the UK the EU legislation that clearly states animals can feel emotion or pain. The Tories did this while they were debating the Brexit bill.
There were many up in arms in this year, campaigning against the badger cull while Theresa May wanted to bring back fox hunting. This could have all been for nothing because the government in the UK is shaping the EU bill, which is essentially the withdrawal, scraping parts of the legislation they see fit to do so. This includes the fact that animals are not sentient beings capable of feeling pain. Essentially this means that after Brexit foxes, badgers along with any other animals that are not classed as being pets will be at threat along with exploitation.

Scientific Evidence Has Proven Animals Do Have Feelings, They Feel Pain
The vote by the Tories is in contrast to scientific evidence that tells us animals are capable of having feelings, along with emotions and of feeling pain. In some instances, animals have emotions stronger than those of human beings. The government is not interested in what science has proven; instead, they think they know much better how the brains of animals function than the scientists and researchers.

Their way of thinking has one wondering if animals have bigger brains than the Tories and government in the UK. Michael Gove called for animal welfare standards improvements before the Brexit.

Right Now 80% of Animal Welfare Legislation Comes From EU
If the government in the UK does not believe that animals are sentient nor do they have the ability to feel pain, their rights will not be protected once the Brexit takes place. Animals classed as pets may come off ok, as when the UK leaves the EU they should still have protection under the Animal Welfare Act 2006. For wild animals and those who are sent to laboratories for testing will be on their own.


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The point is that the article you refer to has no links to the vote in question and I cannot find it on either. This is why I wonder about the site in question. I never heard of it so I don't know if its trustworthy or not. Too much fake news online nowadays and you need to be careful what to believe. The site is about UFO/aliens which doesnt come across as a reliable place to get unconfirmed news not found anywhere else.

Do you have a link to this vote in parliament?
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This site isn’t the place to discuss political topics, not least ones that are founded on fake news.

Final point on it is that animal cruelty is already legislated by the animal cruelty act so regardless of any implications of the underlying truth of the original article, animals are already considered to be sentient beings and that will not change.
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