UBB threads forum import to Xenforo?

I already have a large forum in UBB Threads, I see this doesnt have official import, also cannot see it in unofficial - does this mean not possible - I am trying to sell the idea to my co-admin.
Many thanks

Tracy Perry

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The only way would be what is referred to as a double import. That is, importing your UBB Threads into a forum script that XenForo does have an importer for.
The problem with that is frequently you lose the passwords.

The other option is engaging one of the several people on the board that can do a custom import for you.
Thank you for your response,in truth, not a lot. I line both Xenforo and also Woltlabs BB, but neither offer a pathway from UBB. Wehave a very popular board withabout 55,000 members and fairly active. We are fed up spammers joining and posting their sports shoes etc for sale and recently we had hacking attempt.
We currently have a decision to make that is 1) leave as is. 2) close board 3) Xenforo 4) woltlab - interesting times.
thanks again


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Invision Power Board can also import from UBB.Threads, as well as phpBB, which can easily be imported into XenForo.

Even SMF (Simple Machines Forum) can also import UBB.Threads with a 3rd party importer.
thanks guys, the update is we are going to keep forum going but going to change, so now going to work out imports from UBB. I see a tough few weeks ahead LOL.
thanks again.