Two columns of selected forum nodes



I have been asking this before, but since no one answered i will try it again.
Well, what i am looking for is something to split selected forum nodes into 2 columns.

Example: xenforo´s
Public Forums with it´s forum nodes
XenForo Pre-Sales Questions
General XenForo Discussion and Feedback
Suggestions: Tweaks & Small Features
Suggestions: Bigger Features
Implemented/Resolved Suggestions

The blue part is to be displayed in 2 columns.

Maybe any could help me with that. Thanks

Well, to make that a bit more interesting i could invest 20€ in that. Sry for no more but since i am study there is not more available. Maybe there are interested parties who also want to throw something into the pot?


Thanks but no ( i cant get it working for what i want it), because this sets the whole forum in two columns. As in the example i just want a selected part into two colunms.