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I would firstly like to say that I have never used Twitter, facebook and those social media sites.I also don't use them and think they are a waste of time, but they can come in handy because you get companys,developers,etc announcing news and stuff.

Anyway, more and more company's are using Xenforo for their forum's.
Examples of what there are on the forums:
- The admins
- The developers of the games
- etc..

Ok now, in this year 99% of the game developers/company's have a twitter and tweet.


My Suggestion:
- Add a Twiter integration on the user profiles (where Profile posts,recent acitivty,etc) is.

Now of course this can be optional , the user would have to go to their Settings and add their twitter username (Enable it).

So when game dev's make a tweet, the users can spend more time on their forums than twitter and all that. As I have seen with some games by Sony (SOE) there was a problem with the login servers and they said it on Twitter but not on the forums, the users on the forums were giving links to go to twitter to see their tweet.

Also, it would show the dev's tweets and all that.

Thank You.
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Here is an mockup image of what I mean:

- So everyone could click that tab and it would display their Tweets.
- The tab would not show if the user has not entered their name in the settings page to their Twitter.

Thank You.