Add-on Twitter and Facebook Sidebar Feeds


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I'm looking for a developer to create a sidebar block that can display the latest Twitter and Facebook feeds from anyone I want it to show.

For example: say you are following xenforo and you want to display and tweets and any facebook news that xenforo makes, you can do so via this sidebar block.

Here's what the block looks like:


It was created by Developers at SOE but getting a hold of them is like next to impossible. I tried a PM with their admin account and a few e-mails to some of the developers I personally know. They don't even seem to know who the webmaster is. So now 'm requesting it here.

There are live demos of it on their sites here and here.


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You can do a Twitter feed block very simply using their API.

I have one in the sidebar of my forum index.


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The twitter documentation can be found in their developer site.

Regarding adding the widget to your forum, you can use a plugin called widget framework. It is as easy as a pair of clicks and pasting the twitter widget you generate.