[Tweak] Allow $0.00 Cost User Upgrades


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Not sure if this should be in the bug report forum or if it's working as intended.

Since "Subscriptions" are a fairly important part of my forums I was testing out the functionality of the "user upgrades". I tried to make a $0.00 cost user upgrade to allow my users to join our off topic forum for free, as it currently stands, but received an error to "Please enter an upgrade cost greater than zero." This is fairly essential (at least to me ;) ) if there is no other way to make "member groups" that a user can join of their own free will.
Maybe implement something like coupon codes too that takes the discount to $0?
I can see either coupon codes making an upgrade free as some sort of promotion, or just allowing free upgrades for a time being beneficial.


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Without a true user 'rank' advancement process the 'upgrade' process would be a great substitute if it only had a Zero option. I love so much about Xenforo but it blows my mind that this is not an option. And yes I know that it is early on, but it feels like an essential piece to me.
I'd have use for a feature which allows only one specific upgrade to be bought if one has an upgrade underneath it...
It would be perfect if you want to offer discounts from other upgrades, when the user has already bought one.
But the current system only allows you to block user from buying upgrade(s) if they are running on one.
User with no upgrades can choose which one to buy, and why would the buy the normal price one when there is the discount one available...

One way to make this happen is... allow upgrades with 0 value, which could be skipped completly in the code since there is no need to go for a paypal, just add the upgrade for the user.