XF 1.5 tutorial on merging outadated templates


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having trouble with outdated templates found one explanation here but was wondering if there is a better more in depth tutorial for a beginner on how to handle yellow and green areas of code and merge etc


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Can you take a screenshot of what you're seeing? Green and red makes me think you're on a different page -- that just stands like a standard diff view, which is just showing the changes in relation to a particular other version. The merge changes view uses some different logic (and different colors).


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Hi Mike thanks for the help I am just reinstalling everything from Scratch I just got into this and have a ton to learn but this forum has me believing in forums again;)

my site is www.travisbourbeau.com/ forums the problem I was having was no parent forum or history to merge from but I am interested in how to do things the right way after reinstalling everything,

On a side note is there any add on or feature on xen foro that allows us to use a single page style feed for groups instead of posting new threads or is this a stupid question?