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[Tutorial] Get TinyRedactor 1.0

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Luxus submitted a new resource:

[Tutorial] Get TinyRedactor - How to make Redactor look like TinyMCE 3

This is a guide, tutorial, template modification or however you want to call it that styles Redactor to look like XenForo's version of TinyMCE 3.

1.) Downloading TinyMCE spritesheet

- Download the modified spritesheet and move it to styles/yourstyle/xenforo/editor/mce3icons.png. In this spritesheet I have added the icons XenForo removed from their spritesheet. I did not remove all unused editor icons because there is just no point.

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I was wondering why nobody likes the original redactor icons, which are way better than whatever XF has in its core, ro TinyMCE. Is it possible to get them from somewhere?


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Is it possible, legally, to take these icons from them?
Since XenForo certainly bought a Business or OEM licence, I suppose yes. Now I don't know if third parties, even if they are XenForo customers have the right to modify any Redactor files. You should check this with the XenForo developers directly.