XF 2.2 Turn The PWA Function Off

There is no switch to turn this off, but you've got a few options to prevent PWA functionality
  1. Run the site via HTTP only (definitly not recommended, don't do this!)
  2. Remove
        <link rel="manifest" href="{{ base_url('webmanifest.php') }}">
        <xf:if is="property('metaThemeColor')">
            <meta name="theme-color" content="{{ parse_less_color(property('metaThemeColor')) }}" />
        <meta name="apple-mobile-web-app-title" content="{{ $xf.options.boardShortTitle ?: $xf.options.boardTitle }}">
    from template PAGE_CONTAINER and prevent access (serve 404 via webserver, etc.) to webmanifest.php
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