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Liam W

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about 1 year ago :(

I think you’re mistaking the case. People from turkey can’t use stripe to accept payments, but Stripe can be used to accept payment from Turkish payment cards (or other method that Stripe allows, I’m not 100% sure if there are any others).

just do not accept company information from turkey strip. no problem getting paid if we can become a member. need to define address from other country.
our president is .. always says;
''world is bigger than five'' :p

but they even keep payment systems :(

whatever country one of the world's most beautiful turkey. Greetings from Turkey

Cappadocia Balloon

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Tracy Perry

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Just to clarify... I don't think the issue is paying for XenForo, but using Stripe as a payment gateway for upgrades/etc once they have it installed on their system.