XF 2.2 Trying to update own theme


I made a theme a while back and it needs updated.
I have never used the outdated templates section before to really know ho to use it. And I would very much like to learn how!

I click view custom changes on my outdated theme and I see red and green.
is it the red context that needs to be updated, or the green context?

My scenario:
I have the outdated original open on the left half of my screen, and the new untouched template on the right half of my screen.
Do I just add the red context from the old template to the new template? But it's already there.
Do I remove the green context from the new template? it already isn't there.

How is this done correctly?

I am lost on this.
Any help is much appreciated!!!
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If I understood correctly, in red it is the part of code that the template lacks to be up-to-date and original, in green it is what is in addition (which comes from your theme a priori). So the subtlety is to check if your code modification, in green, repeats all, part or nothing of the code in red... and to do the necessary accordingly.
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