XF 1.5 Trying to mass prune old accounts with zero posts


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I just wanted to make sure if these options are correct!


I have replaced -1 with 0 in the second field of message count and entered a time period till one year ago. I wanted to confirm because the number I am getting through this search is pretty large. It is probably accurate as I suppose a large number of accounts are created by spammers and bots which never are confirmed or used or are marked as spam.

I would take a backup of the database of course before running the pruning command.

PS: XenForo should provide a better date picker. I imagine browsers now provide a native date picker using HTML5 tags (Looks like Firefox does not support them right now?). Right now I cannot change the year from the popup calendar so to go back to 2003, I have to press the back button insane number of times. I assume entering the value manually in these fields in proper format would work as well?
Yup. I have a cronjob on the VPS that backs up the database on S3 every six hours. So I would have enough copies to revert back to in addition to the manual backup.

Though, any side effect of this command are unlikely to become apparent immediately! For example, it might annoy people who created account to track threads but they never posted any content. Hopefully the one year delay should exclude such accounts.
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