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Hi! New user here, and new Xenforo admin too. I'm trying to figure out the best way to set up my site. I want a blog as the home page -- the front page of the site. And then XF would run under forums. I was using WordPress, but the URLs are conflicting with XF. I know there is a bridge, but a) I'm disabled so can't afford it just now, and b) I'm not sure I want to share users because most of my nodes are for registered users only and I don't want to have to approve casual blog commenters. Any ideas on the best thing to do? Thanks.


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I was originally on a phpBB & Wordpress combo where Wordpress was used as my front page with blog posts. It used a bridge so that there was a single database of users. When I moved to Xenforo I decided to use XenPorta for my front page. This an be configured in a variety of ways to allow a group or groups of users to promote threads to the front page (the first post in the thread appears on the front page and replies appear as comments). Threads can automatically be promoted to the front page if a forum is specified, or you can promote threads from any forum across your site. This setup would work for you as then only your registered users could comment on blog posts.

When I moved to Xenforo, I transferred all of the previous blog posts (by copying and pasting in most instances) and used ******* - Change Threads/Posts Owner to put the original author and date/time of all blog posts and comments back into the transferred posts.

Take a look at Jaxel's site (the author of XenPorta) to see how it works You are also welcome to see how I've used it