XF 1.2 Trying to add banner at ad_header

But it always get over the logo which is ugly. the logo is the same size as the banner and there is a lot of space on the right of it.
I tried to use <center> banner </center>
and it centers it but again over the logo.
Thanks, but how do I align it horizontally in the center, being in the right the banner is under the login button.
Or at least align on the left, but not before the logo as it happens if I float ir left.
Anyone knows how to move the banner on the left side, but after the logo? Right now setting it to float left makes it first, before the logo.
I found very simple solution. Open template logo_block. Find
<xen:include template="ad_header" />
Cut it and paste it after
<span class="helper"></span>
Save and now open ad_h
place your ad and center it with <center> </center>

Now my ad appears after the logo and centered, Not above it.


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Thanks to this post I was able to place an ad with Brogans suggestion. The ad is 468px wide. Now I’m wondering if it would be possible to make the ad not show on devises that are less than 468px wide.