Trump aquires Bush's domain!

Mike Edge

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From Twitter..


Going to forwards you to Trump's website. This should get interesting on what happens next.
That's not Donald Trump's Twitter account, though. This is:

I'll also throw in the point that a domain doesn't become available for registration until at least 30 days after it expires. And the fact that it's been redirecting there since at least December 8th (gotta love
I'll have to get in the business of buying domains related to presidential candidates. I was reading this article about other people doing this and then selling the domain to the candidate for thousands of dollars.

Remind me to proceed with this plan in the year 2020 :p
Sort of. He did say it on Twitter and did ask Zuckerberg to fund "kanye west ideas" but I'm not buying he has that debt. Sites have had his net worth as high as 180 mill as recently as two months ago. He has his house for sale for 20 million which would nearly cut it in half and he just launched a new cd. Last time he put out a cd and went on tour it made him 25 mill so if he did that again, he'd be close to even. I'm not worried about him in the least lol. I think it's all publicity. Also the gofundme page was by a fan, not by him.

Edit: plus his wife is worth 85mill
Kanye is not in 'debt' in the way real people get into debt and it's rude to the average people of America when he says he is (if you buy your 2 year old 10K+ furs, you insult people who cant eat today when you say you are poor and are looking for a handout to continue your failed venture into the fashion business) ...investing in yourself when your name is a business is by all accounts not personal debt, in a worst case scenario it's a bad business investment.

Grow up dude.
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