XF 1.4 Trophy


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I have a trophy that will be awarded to a member if they in a user group. This is for forum donations. Now when their term is up and they taken out of that upgrade group will the trophy also be cancelled.


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I see I can remove it manually so that is one way around it I suppose.

Now another thing it seems that my two trophies that are linked to a usegroup are not working (Both are setup in this manner)

If a member purchases a user upgrade as below they do not get this trophy. I have run the cron a few times and nothing. The member is online while I am doing this?



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I have run the cron a few times and nothing.
Don't run the cron to try to update trophies. It will update them, but not necessarily for who you think. Use the tool in rebuild caches to rebuild them for everyone and then confirm whether they've been applied.