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Trophy user title ladder not taking effect on all users post-import

For most users, Xenforo has given them the usertitle 'Guest'. However, according to the user title ladder (default user titles and trophies in use), they should have a different one.

Imported from vB

'Registered' user group

'Use the default user title ladder' enabled

'Edit custom title:' permission 'Not set'

Default trophy titles, including 'New Member' for 0 points

User title ladder: http://grab.by/8W0T

People with < 10 posts get the appropriate (in this case, "New Member") title just fine. It seems that when people have more than 10 posts, they get "Guest" (see http://forums.kayako.com/members/)

Any ideas?


XenForo moderator
Staff member
Not sure if this is relevant due to the "Guest" title but what are the display styling priorities for the user groups?

Are those members also members of Secondary user groups?

Also, can you post the user group IDs?
You can see them in the browser address bar if clicked on or in the lower left if hovered over, when in the ACP.

For reference, the default groups are:
1 - Unregistered / Unconfirmed (Guest)
2 - Registered
3 - Administrative
4 - Moderating