Trophy Ideas


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There are already a few trophies. Let's brainstorm a nice list of possible built-in trophies...
  • Post count trophies-- 1, 100, 1000 posts
  • Started threads trophies-- separate trophies based on the # of threads started
  • Trophy for filling out all profile info and uploading an avatar
  • Trophies for reporting spam
  • Trophies for "liking" other people's content ??
  • Trophies for uploading attachments
  • Trophies for # of followers
  • Trophy for having posted at least one thread in all forums you have permission to post in
  • Trophy for # of consecutive days you log in/ visit the site
  • Trophy for posting really long posts.
  • Popular threads trophy - X number of threads that have at least Y replies.
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