Lack of interest Trophy Display Order and Adding Trophy Images


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I think it would better the trophy system if we could alter the display order of each trophy, theyre currently ordered by point amount but that doesnt always work if you wish to display them in groups for example if I wanted to group a few of the registered since ones together, the like ones together at the moment I couldnt do it.

I think it would also be great if we could upload an image to display next to each trophy on the help page and perhaps have a section on the profile with listings of the trophies someone has received so others can see them more easily, as it stands theres no actual trophy at all and to get to someones trophy listings you need to click the points link.

Hope this can be implemented and if you like the idea, then please like the post :)


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Thanks Brogan that will do perfectly well for now, does that work so you can have a different icon for each of them?, that would make things much more colourful and interesting for the members :)


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Unfortunately not, it's a single trophy image only due to the way the page is built up.