[TRN] RSS Extended [Deleted]

@LPH Please make the seperate Options for this add-on, not mixing with Threads, Discussions and Conversations option.


Options-> [TRN] RSS Extended
Hi @farang ,

I've just purchased this and tried to install on 1.5.14 and got that error:

Callback fgX_RSSExtended_Listener::extendControllerPublicForum ist ungültig (Ungültige Klasse).

In english this should be "Callback fgX_RSSExtended_Listener::extendControllerPublicForum is not valid (Class not valid)."

Any ideas?

This resource is deleted, but if anyone is willing to create similar add-on I would like to have those functions:
  • Choose between displaying snippet previews from the first or the last posts of each thread in the RSS feeds.
  • Choose if the URLs in the RSS stream should lead to the first, last or first unread post in each thread.

I think it's pretty useful.
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