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Trending Content Tags [Paid] 2.3.2

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Xon submitted a new resource:

Trending Content Tags - A trending sidebar widget using XenForo content tagging system

A trending sidebar widget using XenForo content tagging system.
  • Implements caching of the trending stats.
  • Multiple sources of 'activity'.
    • Warning: Tracking guest views can significantly increase the writes required for this feature
  • Threshold of activity before displaying.
  • Relatively lightweight.
  • Per source of activity weighting.
  • Automatically use Redis Cache...

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You can see it on the front-page of the sites I help admin:
Nice. Totally getting this next month. :)
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Is there a screenshot with the admin control panel options?
I added a screenshot, I don't think they are all default values but close enough to give you an idea about the configurable:
@Xon are you able to limit how many tags you are wanting to be displayed at a time? Also, can you rename the widget to whatever you want like "Trending Tags"? Also, can the widget be placed in a horizontal view like at the bottom of the main forum?
The title and the number of times can be changed in the widget properties, it should largely work in a horizontal view but I haven't done any special styling for it but that wouldn't be hard todo for your given style.
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