Lack of interest Translate "Trophy User Titles" when running a Forum in 2 languages ?


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it seems it is not possible running a Forum with 2 languages and therefore have the "Trophy User Titles" in 2 different languages.

Is there any chance to have those titles shown in 2 different languages ?


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Tough call. Bug or suggestion.

I'll move it to bugs for the time being as requested.


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Unfortunately, it's not something to consider as a bug currently at least. It was an intentional decision. It's usually a lot more work to implement language independence in places like this (dynamically created stuff), so the decision was made to keep it simple. I think this may be the first request I've seen for this concept (though I doubt it will be the last).

I'll move this to suggestions. :)


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how to run a Forum in 2 languages if it is not possible to translate the wording "New Member", etc. into any other language ?
Not fully consistent at least......