Transforming Localhost to a domain?


Hey there!

I've currently got XenForo installed on Wampserver, inside of a VPS (Running Windows Server 2012).

Whilst this is all well and good, I need to have my purchased domain functional with the XenForo Website. It will be the main thing, for example ( would point to the XenForo Site).

I understand this will involve me port-forwarding, but I cannot find any support on this. Turns out using Windows Server isn't such an ease as I would thought it would be easier than using Linux :>

I understand how to do the basics of Portforwarding, but I've no idea how to make the IP of the VPS run inside of a standard browser. Currently it only works inside localhost on the VPS and the domain pointing to the IP using A DNS doesn't respond because there is no portforwarding.

I'd appreciate any help given, however please try to go easy on me with your methods :3


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Sounds like you need to check the Windows firewall to ensure that it's allowing port 80 through to Apache


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Sorry, not an Apache admin so cannot offer much.
But looks like you need to check Apache config files, as you're only allowing internal ( / localhost) access, and now need to change config to allow public access.