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I'm looking into moving away from vBulletin 4x to XenForo. I do have a few questions before switching

1. Can I customize the WYSIWYG editor buttons specifically on mobile site? Looks sloppy, cramped with multiple rows like that. The icons are ugly, blurred and unpleasant. I'd like to replace those as well.

2. Email notifications that go out such as account approved, new reply, etc. Can they be fully HTML including any "phrases" XF uses equivalent to VB's "vb phrases"?

3. Are there any admin options to allow/disallow certain bbcodes per usergroup such as posting links, images, video, and in addition any moderation queue IF those are enabled for certain user groups?

Example 1:
no links, images, videos for usergroup A
Example 2:
moderate any posts with links, videos, images for usergroup B



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There are no options to customise the editor buttons - it would require an add-on.

Yes, the emails templates are HTML and (almost) everything is phrased.

There are no permissions related to bb code usage - it would require an add-on.


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Ok I think I found some mods for example 1, but not 2

What about forum access control based on gender? For example, only female members can access women only forum, and vice versa for men only forum. I cannot find this in the add-ons section.

Also real important for me is the import from Vbulletin. What does not get imported? I do not see any info on this on XF's page here

I found some info here ( but not 100%. For example, are custom profile fields, bbcodes, user passwords imported as is?

I'm also not sure if these 2 steps are necessary, or the same thing even:
Redirect script for VB4
Import Redirection

Are they the same purpose? I definitely do not want to use my SEO place for my 40k+ threads and posts during the switch.


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I did, please check my post again. You also ignored 2 other questions I had in the same post. Not a good impression for presales.

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Not a good impression for presales.
In all fairness - I could say - Not really polite to come back with that response. Try repeating the question - It may of been missed :)

But - in a nutshell, yes.... Depending on what you want to achieve. What server is your current one - if you look at the vBulletin 4.X resource, Apache isn't tested.

Also, vBulletin 4.X seems to include advanced url - where as the XF link doesn't mention that.

I'd go with XF one and see how that sets your site up. (we can't see what you're intending to import).
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Are you kidding me? Not a good impression from a new customer? You're absurd for making such a response. I asked simple questions like any new POTENTIAL customer is entitled to. How can anyone miss the questions when he saw the one in the same post? Spare me your opinion and don't speak on behalf of a company you don't work for just because you can open your mouth.