XF 1.5 transfering XF to newly purchased XF license


We need to move to a new Server and a fresh new license, what should i consider?

  1. I cannot sell/transfer my old license therefore we need to buy a new one.
  2. Domain Name will remain the same pointing to a new IP. Will i be able to remove the Domain Name from the original Purchase with XenForo?
  3. Are all purchased Addons tied to original License or might it be possible to transfer these licenses?
  4. c+p XF folder + mysqldumb of current install will work on fresh license?
  5. anything else to consider?


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Why do you need a new license for the same site (I presume it's the same one as the URL is the same)?


Does it matter or change anything if i list my reasons? But if it help to clear up my question, i just want my Name to never show or come up since i am stepping down from being responsible in a multi admin team from all around the world and the uncertainty gdpr brings.