Transfer Owenership?

Hey everyone!

I'm part of an online gaming community, probably not unlike many of you here. While I've only been with them for a year, the group as a whole has existed for about 4 years. During that time, they have not upgraded their forum software, IPB3.

The platform is solid, stable, reliable....and stale. I've looked around, and there are a lot of similar communities with forums that posses much more social interaction and features. I've taken it upon myself to do a little research into potential replacements.

One solution was to continue IPB3, and implement more plugins. There are plugins already that would take the forums in the right direction. The problem with that is I don't want to take off in a new direction with software that is no longer supported.

IPB4 was the next solution, although it's still in its infancy and many of those same plugins are not yet available. I actually already bought an IPB4 license to beta test, and didn't do my research prior...a bit of a waste.

I was recommended xenForo. As far as I can tell, you have working plugins I am looking for. I am 100% willing to do the same as I did with IPB4. Although, unlike IPB4, I was able to buy it for a month at a time. Here it seems I need to buy a year long license.

I will not need a year's worth of xenForo for my own personal use. But if I were told that if I bought xenForo for testing purposes, and that the contract can be switched from me to my community, then I may be able to get them to split the cost of the experiment.

So, would I be able to buy a license, and potentially transfer it to my group for their use?

Thanks for your time!
Sparknotes version, since after I read what I wrote, it sounded funny.

Basically, I buy it and host it under my own domain,

It's cool? Sweet, now I want to show up under
Thanks for the info.

A major oversight just occurred to me though...going from IPB3 to xenForo? Goodbye 5 years of user databases, posts, reputations and memories.

Asking everyone to start over from scratch would be a helluva tough sell.
I'm going to sleep on it. Personally, I'd consider it. Y'all got some neat software here, but I wouldn't be the one making the call.

Thanks for the info though!
You know...on another forum, I often find myself linking oblivious users to our FAQ page when they ask questions many others have asked before them.

I feel silly, and you've just become one of my favorite people.