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Transfer/Breach of account?

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Me and a friend were looking to transfer the license that she owns to me. I've been around since the license was purchased and always been the registered forum user for it. When our head administrators changed for the same exact site we asked for the names to be changed. Our site not once moved and remained the very same, on XenForo for a few years with two different head administrators.

Recently, the site made the decision to go to another software; and since XenForo is transferable I decided I'd like to use it for myself for my own project and the current holder to ask for it to be put under my name.

We were told this:
This license has already been transferred previously and is not eligible for transfer. As such, this account is already in breach of the license terms by providing access to your account.
So. Changing does administrators of an organization counts as a transfer? The original purchaser was not the account holder (either of them) the original purchaser was the organization, and this is the first time it's going out of control of it.

What exactly is the breach of the license terms? There is nothing against multiple people (ie: an entire group working for the same site) knowing the password to customer login.
You must maintain the confidentiality and security of your customer credentials that allow You to access the XenForo.com customer area. Any communication received by XenForo Limited through the customer area shall be assumed to have originated from You or an agent acting on your behalf.
Our main site no longer uses it. The software is just sitting being unused. I was going to pick it up for myself (with permission from our head administrator as well, who opened a ticket about it). The terms did state only one copy of the software can be used, and that'd be true for my version once I install it.

So what exactly did we breach? :/

Edit: I apologize. I'm curious of the breach of the terms. I cannot find it. We do know each other in real life. It's just a matter of a convenience transfer and not a necessary one.
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