Add-on Tracking, rewarding and reporting customisations


If you are aware of existing add-ons that can already perform these functions below, please let me know. According to xenforo staff my questions require custom developments, so if that is in your line of work I want to know pricing and development time to achieve this:

(Current set-up is as follows: XF 1.5, RM1.2, add-ons: Master Badge, Live Feed, user criteria by waindigo, bd widget framework, user profile progress, better analytics)

First time login
1. I want to track when a person logs in for the first time, is this possible - if yes, how?
2. Then I want create a report on those that have and haven't logged in and send a reminder alert/email to invite the ones that haven't logged in yet. Is this possible and how?
3. Then I want to include the first login in the trophy points, is this possible and how?
Resource downloads
1. Send an alert or email to a member who has downloaded a resource to invite them back to rank the resource
2. Then add trophy points for downloading resource by category of resource
3. Then adding trophy points for ranking resources (also by category as an option)
Forum trophies and badges (already using Master Badge)
1. Create trophy for specific category and thread level contributions on both the forum and resource manager area
2. For let's say 10 contributions on one category or thread they earn the thread major title (think Foursquare title)
3. Trophy for logging in after an alert or email
4. Minus points when a comment is deleted by the user and/or admin (The intention is that we don't want people to just game the system and increase in levels by adding something in and immediately after deleting it. Right now this is possible to just add contributions, delete them but the points actually stay.)
Analytics for user behaviour - in export report format
1. Members who haven't logged in yet
2. Activity tracking - what have people viewed, contributed to and downloaded
3. Which users are active when - daily, weekly, monthly etc (more than just the average analytics on dashboard)

All of the above I would need for my forum, but also potentially for a client forum, so it would need to be put in a format that can be applied to more than one forum like the current add-on scenario. Maybe you already know of existing add-ons that can achieve the above, I am also ok to download those with special configuration for example.

So I would need to know pricing and time-line for development