Had Xenforo installed for a while and have been playing with it, I finally feel like we have something to show off now. I struggled to get the current site navigation included and mobile friendly.

I'd really appreciate your comments and suggestions for the forums, the structure, appearance and general feel of it all.


I know car forums can get quite *****y sometimes but we've managed to keep out the trolls and have amassed quite a friendly and loyal following. Questions from new car owners are actively encouraged and helpful advice and answers are given.

The Xenforo spam prevention seems to do a great job in preventing bot registrations, and spam posted is just not visible and removed from the moderation queue. It is also much faster than our previous vbulletin installation, after some MYSQL and Server Tuning it got even quicker and still uses much less memory than before.

Any ideas on how we can bump up our community numbers and participation? Do you recommend sending out regular newsletters?
Hi, great idea for a forum, :)

I think your style should match your target audience; just changing the light blues and the salmon colour properties to something more appropriate (like garage colours, or more common car colouring schemes would go along ways to keep potential new members engaged)
Sorry for my slow reply, these things take time don't they @Lawrence

We've updated to carbon fibre title bars, losing the salmon and have more modern icons in place. I really appreciated your comments and it's certainly helped us move things on, albeit rather slowly.
Understood, :)

Your site looks a lot better, :) There is a padding (lack of) issue in your footer, and the legal line needs to be moved inward to have it all display on the black background.

The font-size for the last post information seems out-of-place with the rest of the font sizes in the node list. 13px looks a lot better in my opinion, but that is just personal preference.
Hi guys. I want to make a gift to my grandpa for him birthday. I choose car for him. Help please with a choice. What would you advise? If my topic does not fit the topic, please move to the desired section. Thank you very much.

I would ask on their forum. This forum is suitable for that.
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