Add-on Top users week, month, year, all time

Mr Lucky

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What is really necessary is s display of posters’ ratio of number of likes to number of posts, or as a percentage


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Does its Top Posters of the Month/Year Statistics, Dedicated separate page which lists top posters by day, month and Year Statistics.

There are several display options (see resource page), but none that looks like your example.
However you can create pages as you like. The counts are there.

oO5 Dynasty

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Do you mind making a siplified version that just contains weekly,montlhy,yearly,all time top users?
This is something i would like to see come to life also. This way you can reward members for being the top user for the week year etc.
To keep a history of it also would be pretty nice, so you can set up yearly achievement pages. Now members can go back to see who won in the previous years. Yeah this would drive up activity on boards and i would like this type of add-on because it can bring even more to the table.