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Is there a way to limit this to a particular timeframe? Some of my members are long-term users who won't likely be out-posted. It would level the community engagement a bit if it were limited to a 24-hour period, or maybe a 7-day period.
Same here. I'd like to have top thread starters over X time frame to highlight people who have been recently beneficial to the forums, or at least top active thread starters (my highest poster hasn't posted since 2007 and probably won't be coming back).
in my forum don't works, maybe addon conflict:
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I have exact the same problem.
Planned Feature
These features are planned for a later release (perhaps)
  • Top Thread StarterS in the last x days (Day, Week, Month, Year)

Do you have any estimated time for this feature to be added as I want to wait till it's available.
This is great but how would I moved this so it was higher up on the sidebar? I would like to have it appear directly below the user's avatar on the sidebar before online staff and members.
Awesome, I had to make sure to remove the code block as well but figured that out quickly and pulled it.

Thank you so much for the help and wonderful add-on :)
It seems that excluding a forum from causes my site to crash. Is that a glitch or am I doing something wrong?

If you uses Widget Framework add-on then;

1. Admin -> Appearance -> Widget Framework -> Add Widget
2. Renderer: [Advanced] Template (without wrapper)
3. Template: top_thread_starters
4. Title: Top Thread Starters
5. Position: forum_list
6. Done!
1. Admin -> Appearance -> Widget Framework -> Add Widget
2. Renderer: [Advanced] Template (without wrapper)
3. Template: top_thread_starters
4. Title: Top Thread Starters
5. Position: forum_list
6. Done!
Only works on forum_list?
I just tried and it didn't display on other pages like: news_feed_page_global
The feature to be able to set the top thread starters in X days is a must otherwise old members are always going to be at the top of that list. :)
Completely agree within the past X days feature.

Is this add-on still in development?

I'd be willing to pay for it to be done.

One more feature too that would require the thread to have X replies in order to be counted. This would ensure a level of quality so people don't just make low quality threads that no one responds too.
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