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Just testing the water here. I have two XF sites, one for Rock Music, the other for Movies/TV Shows. I would like to introduce a Top 20+ (the plus meaning I can add an infinite number, but probably no more that 50) where I can show an album cover/movie/tv poster with a small description alongside and then either up arrow/down arrow thumbs up/down where people can cast a vote and the position of the album/movie/tv show is altered when votes are higher than the one above. The whole thing would be on one page with items being added front end, but can be moved into different positions at the outset before voting starts. Items should also be able to be removed when new items are introduced.

I say I'm testing the water as I have no idea what is involved in terms of work hours to produce such an addon. I would also be happy for the end addon to be placed for general release if that would reduce the initial outlay. Anyone interested send me a PM and we can discuss this further.

As a side note - my budget is limited as I'm on my OAP but I do believe this could have general appeal for a number of uses beyond what I have in mind.

It's also worth mentioning that my only and preferred method of payment is through PayPal; if you don't have a PayPal account then I can't do business with you.
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