Independent Upvote Downvote score display in Suggestion/Question forums please


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I would like to suggest the option to publicly see the scores for up and downvotes in Suggestion/Question type forums.

If there are 15 upvotes, and 15 downvotes, the current system will show a 0 and no scores.
Or 16 up, 15 down will show a 1.
I would like to see the scores of each. Similar to YouTube where you see the thumbs up and down and their scores, Yahoo Answers, etc.


Stack Overflow works with a click:


1623856782440.png 1623856796418.png

Personally I would like Suggestion types to be open by default (click for overall) and Question types to open with a click. But that's preference, so perhaps an option.
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I added images to the post to show how it can keep the same look and only change with a click. It's how Stack Overflow works if you have 1000+ rep. I'm not sure how intuitive that is but it does keep it nice and neat!