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[tLk] ReadPC 1.1.0

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This is great add-on and works fine on 1.2.x.
Another nice thing about this add-on - it's free. Thanks!

I have some little issue with it however. I don't know if it's my forums or this add-on. It gives me options to browse 174 pages while only 93 of them contains conversations. Pages 94-174 are blank. How to fix this?
I cannot reproduce this error :S
Is there anyone reproduce this error? :S


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I also need a search function for usernames. Otherwise I can not verify whether someone is a spammer or not. I can not scroll through thousands of PMs to verify whether 1 user is a spammer. That is just possible in a short period of time when fast action has to be done in a spam attack.
The Add-On works great! However, there's a small bug: You can't see the embed images people sent in a conversation when reading it with readpc. It would be awesome if you could fix this @Tilkißey

P.S: I'm using Xenforo 1.4.3


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Will add for large forums this causes a major load on your server. I had to uninstall it simply because it was causing database issues.


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How large is your forum by the way?
Not as large as yours :) but there are alot of conversations over 400,000 and they all load up with this mod.

Nothing against this mod it does its purpose and it's free but just saying it won't work for our site.
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My recommendation to the OP is make a premium version of this and add specific things people want such as the ability to search and limit the amount of conversations per page.