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Time Zones

I setup a forum for a client, however something is wrong with the "posted time".

To test it, I made a post: http://www.thesportsrevolt.com/rebels/threads/shaq.6/

I put the time of the post in the thread, which was 11:15am Eastern Daylight Time.
The forum show's that I posted it at 11:37am EDT.

However, my client, who is also in the same time zone as me, when he looks at it, it says it was posted at 4:37 pm.

In the control panel, under Home>Options>Basic Board Information>Guest's Time Zone , I have it set to (UTC - 05:00) Eastern Time.

Is there somewhere else I need to set the time?

Also, The server that hosts this website is also in the same time zone as I am.
My friend owns the hosting company, we checked the server and it's set to EDT.

If you look at the thread in my original post, what time does it say it was posted when you look at it?

PS - Thanks for the quick response.
So that part is working right.

My client is obviously a member to the site, when he logs in, it says it was posted at 4:37pm. The time zone on his PC is also EDT.
So any guess to why it's off by 5 hrs when he views it?

I will double check the server again, but it seems like it should show the same time for members & guests.


XenForo moderator
Staff member
So any guess to why it's off by 5 hrs when he views it?
As I posted above, this will depend on which timezone he has set in his account preferences.

You can test this yourself by changing it and viewing the effect on the posted time.